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Why am I not surprised to find so many employment complaints about this company? I made the poor decision to work there for a whopping 2 months which is all the time it took me to figure out that this is nothing but an employment scam. And I'm probably forgiving compared to most folks who would never start working here at all. Unethical and borderline criminal management, this firm takes advantage of young people looking for a real job. They promise leads that are nothing more than rehashed sales calls. My "manager" who had no idea how to lead a work force was an intolerant fool who made inappropriate comments in company meetings about employees and customers alike. I was "trained" by a "manager" who came to Conseco from a multiple 6 figure income and who made a whopping $16,000 his first year there. I should have left the place then. Here is why Bankers Conseco needs to hire in mass numbers:

1) The main concern of management regarding new recruits, mostly very young folks, is to sell them insurance to bloat sales results.

2) Alot of people are too smart to stay long.

3) After you leave they will call you and tell you you owe them money because policies you sold cancelled and they want their commission money back. In other words, you were good enough to get the business but this lousy company couldn't keep the business and now they want you to make up the difference. WOW! I got that call last night, my wife came to me terrified because someone left a message regarding a legal matter. When I called today, they started the conversation by asking if I wanted to settle this matter in an amicable way but I deferred an answer until I was told what it was about. When they did tell me and said I owed them $200, I laughed and then told them to send me a bill.

They can burn in *** before I pay this. And I wouldn't even blink at or miss $200. Now that I think about it, I will pay them by sending them $200 in pennies.

Stay far away from this company.

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thanks for the notice i just got a message left on my phone about a job opportunity. however my degree is in the medical field. when they do call me back i will inform them im not interested in sales or banking

Wallkill, New York, United States #962724

I just cancelled my 3rd interview with Banker's Conseco in the Mid Hudson Valley.I feel I have dodged a bullet.

I spoke with an old colleague (a great salesperson) of mine whom I respect and worked with for many years at a previous employment. Told him the story of Banker's Conseco and he said to do some internet research on the company. The research confirmed some of my concerns in pursuing this opportunity. I initially felt this opportunity was "too good to be true" and based on articles and reviews I've read, I was right to feel this way; too many "red flags".

I promptly contacted my old colleague and thanked him in saving me "many months of angst and money".If it's too good to be true, don't pursue it.

Mountain View, California, United States #921241

You can tell by the desperation and recruiting tactics that this is not a reputable company. People would be lining up to apply for a job there if it were a good company.

Albany, New York, United States #900141

I worked for this company back in 2010 after I graduated from undergrad and was trying to find a career.I had always worked harder than anyone else in all my previous jobs and was told during the interview that you made more money the harder you worked as opposed to just making a certain amount per hour.

First I spent several hundred dollars to train myself so that I could get licensed, and then you are shown during a week of special training on how to coerce seniors into letting you into their houses. Then you drive all over the capital district trying to make a sale. Over the span of two months, I had 'made' $800, and I was working 100+ hours a week. I ended up getting a part time job in retail and was affected so much by getting an actual paycheck that I left Bankers.

I saw people who had been working there for years and they were going to file for bankruptcy. Two of my coworkers took me out to lunch and congratulated me for getting away. Everyone is miserable who works there. This is a commission only job, and they take most of your commission for providing you with services.

Then right before my year was up after leaving them, one of my previous sales went under and I had to pay back $137, I just sent in a check and got it over with because they make you sign a contract stating that if any of your sales don't last an entire year, you need to give the commission you received back, no matter what the status of employment is. The only positive...

Otherwise, stay far, far away from there.It will suck the life out of you and bleed you dry of money...

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #871705

How much they paired you

Buffalo, New York, United States #860038

I just got the email that everyone seems to have gotten: " I came across your resume on Monster.I believe you have the skills to be a successful independent insurance agent at Bankers and would like to extend an invitation to meet me and my management team." I had a feeling something was off about it because I received a phone call from a lady who sounded like she was a computer with an Indian accent, and she was making it sound like I had applied to this place.

I definitely didn't, but I had been applying like a crazy person to so many places that I figured I just forgot the name of this one. So I set up the interview for Monday. Now, I'm thinking of just not going.

I need a job, but I don't need a job that sounds sketchy, I'd rather have no job than a job I don't feel 100% sure of.Thank you for the input everyone.

to Anne Beltsville, Maryland, United States #995193

I am in the same situation as you are. Thank you for posting this and thank God i did my research the night before the interview with them. I'll make sure to stay away from these people.

Buffalo, New York, United States #848403

Thanks for this post - there seem to be many like it.I just put my resume up online, and all of a sudden people like these come creeping out of the woodwork!

I'm watching my phone closely and screening calls less because of course I DO want to hear from potential employers I have contacted.Glad to know not to waste my time with this one.

Staten Island, New York, United States #839275

Thank you for telling me,

Because i got a mail (2014 July 11) from Joelle Brancov the recruiting manager at Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company, Brooklyn.

Apparently they believe I have the skills to be a successful independent insurance agent at Bankers.


Thank you for posting what happed to you.

I hope you find a Good job.

to Ruwan Rochester, New York, United States #850737

I just received the same email.This is the first place I came.

I'm 58 years old, wanting to come off of social security for disability and reenter the workforce a little at a time. I worked as a telecommunications engineer with a medical background.

I will give their offer some consideration but with everyone's concerns, I will enter in a very skeptical mode.Thanks for the input.

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